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Duo1046 Album

Two people from different cities met in the summer of 2010 Svetlana Sukhanova, a Krasnoyarsk pianist, and a jew's harp player from Irkutsk Vladimir Markov. The jew's harp and the piano are very different-sounding instruments, but in the difference is hidden not only a certain difficulty for the performers, but also an amazing, unusual beauty, which was what prompted the musicians to come together as 1046 and to embark upon a course of creative experimentation. The name of the group, 1046, is the distance between their two cities (in kilometers). Eventually they added other instruments to the original two ethnic flutes, the Kalima, synthesizers. The distance does not hinder the duo and when they meet, the musicians create a multicultural space, viewing various musical environments, strata and traditions through their own worldview which is what has found its expression in this, their first album.

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Dou 1046:
Dou 1046: Svetlana Sukhanova - Piano, Keyboard, Singing Bowl, Wave Drum Synth, Shaker, Kalimba
Vladimir Markov - Vargan (Jew's Harp), Native American Flute, Wave Drum Synth
Additional Musicians: Anastasiya Ilina - Vocals on Track 10
Natalia Albitskaya - Vocals and Shaker on Track 10

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