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Byon kay

         A great Japan musician Byon kay heard jew's-harp sounds in India for the first time, in1998. A couple of years later he bought his first instrument Dan Моi in Thailand and started to play it. Then he traveled to Australia, where he played jew's-harps outside for some years. He considers that he achieved a great experience and went in for several important festivals in Sydney and Melbourne thanks to it.

         Byon recorded two compact disks. I have got them in my personal collection. I listen to them with great pleasure. The first one, a solo CD was recorded in 2004. The quality of the sounding is good in spite of "homemade" recording. I liked the album. It consists of interesting and amusing dancing improvisatory melodies. The disk also includes compositions of other styles which the musician manages masterly. The last track is called "Welcome to a jew's-harp lesson", under rhythm of a drum machine Byon demonstrates his brightest jew's-harp "features" and gives some time to copy them independently to music.

         The second disk distinguishes from the first one strikingly. It was recorded in cooperation with musicians 'SOUYA' and MIROKU. The group is named VERNACULER and it performes trans electronic compositions which are full of sounds of nature, birds, froggs, jew's-harps, kalimbas and other "poultry". It is amazing! some audio


© Vladimir Markov 2009, this article translated by Natalia Ivanitsa